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Classes & Learning Objectives

Class Details

A "Training Card" is all that is required for any of the available Faithful Friends training classes. Each card is valid for 10 classes within 6 months of the purchase date. Your card is required at each class session that you attend.

One card can be used for multiple dogs. Each dog would receive a "punch" at the attended class.


Each week I will have exercises set up and an open window of time. Please come within this window at your convenience. I will be following a curriculum of training objectives, but I (or another member of Faithful Friends) will work with you on the specific training task you are working on. This class format I am hoping will provide you with the benefits of the class environment with a personalized approach to address your training needs.

INDIANA: Agility Classes will be on Monday Nights from 5 pm - 7 pm. Please arrive before 6:15 at your convenience. Agility classes will be in Greenville IN.

Please allow approximately 75 minutes for training.

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This is the perfect starting point for all dogs. Each dog will rotate through isolated skill stations to begin class. After completing all skill stations each dog will practice the skills in a course setting.

$100 per dog for 10 lessons

Training Concepts: Properly Providing Praise & Your Dog ALWAYS gets a Choice

Skills taught when starting Agility Training:

  • Keeping Attention Learn how to keep your dogs focus and obedience amidst multiple distractions. Your dog will learn to sit, lie down, and stay while being tempted by dogs, food, toys, and games.
  • Line of Sight Your dog naturally engages in "things" that are within their sight path. Learn the importance of your dogs line of sight and how to alter and maintain their line of sight.
  • Distance vs. Stay Close You will teach your dog queues that give them permission to engage with you at a distance and to stay close. This skill transitions very well to walking "nicely" on a leash.
  • Dogs Path vs. Handlers Path Understand the path of your dog in relation to your path. If you understand where your dog will be you are better able to guide your dog to where you want them to be.
  • Pressure on the Path Learn how to alter your dogs path by applying and releasing pressure. This behavior is fundamental in creating boundaries for your dog. By using pressure you can teach your dog to stay off furniture or out of room.
  • Understanding Stride In agility your dogs stride will determine where you (as a handler) will need to provide information. Understanding where your dog needs information with ensure you are able to guide your dog safely through an agility course.

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After dogs have completed some Agility training. All classes will start by rotating though a set of isolated skill drills, then the class will finish with skill practice in a course setting.

$100 per dog for 10 lessons

Training Concepts: Learn to Earn & Reinforcements and Rewards

More Skills worked on in Agility Training:

  • Building Toy Drive
  • Start and Stop Games
  • Front and Rear Crosses
  • Sending Ahead
  • Directional Queues
  • Recall and Refocus

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Continuing on in your agility training you will want to add precision to the skills taught in earlier agility training. The pace of this type of agility training is slower and skill stations are shortened to allow more focus and practice competition level courses.

$100 per dog for 10 lessons

Training Concepts: Independent Work = Independent Rewards & Embracing the "Wild and Crazy"

Competition Skills taught in Agility:

  • Start Lines
  • Lateral Motion
  • Independent Contacts (that you can trust)
  • Off-Side Weaves
  • Bullet Proof Weave Entries
  • Handle 20 feet Away

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Competition Agility

Ideal for dogs that have attempted competition at least once. At this level of training you would focus on optimizing independence and perfecting the "timing" of providing your dog information.

$100 per dog for 10 lessons

Training Concepts: Learn to Earn & Reinforcements and Rewards

New Skills:

  • Lateral Weave Poles
  • Move Away from Contacts
  • Lead Out Pivot
  • Starting with a Tunnel
  • Relying on Directional Commands
  • Speed and Drive Games

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Private Lessons

You determine the training plan! We can work on any behavior that you would like from you dog. Behavior do not have to be agility focused.

$35 per 45-minute session, meets by appointment only

Training Objectives (with written homework) for ongoing lessons are available by request.

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