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E.E.T.D. Training Requirements

Education Enrichment Therapy Dogs (EETD) are specifically trained to improve children’s education skills. EETD’s are therapy dogs that volunteer with their handlers as a team. EETD’s are trained to be attentive to an individual child as they share their school work.

When a Dog is Listening the Environment is Transformed

  • The team dynamic and encouraging atmosphere provides a supportive and individualized learning environment ideally targeted to relieve pressure and stress from learning assignments.
  • By ensuring that the handler is a skilled facilitator and can direct the dog to be an active participant in the learning process, students are willing to invest themselves in things they find difficult.
  • A child’s reluctance is replaced by eager anticipation and a willingness to practice, this creates a positive and rewarding learning environment.

How Does it Work

Behavior Standards

Faithful Friends trains dogs to the Therapy Dog International (TDI) standards of behavior. All dogs are tested for health, safety, and appropriate temperament and skills to be an effective resource for learning and development.

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Why Use Dogs?

Learning is often less about intellectual ability and more about building confidence and overcoming fears. Dogs are ideal educational enrichment companions because:

  • Dogs increase relaxation
  • Dogs are trained to listen intently
  • Dogs allow children to learn at their own pace
  • Dogs do not judge, laugh, or criticize
  • Dogs are less intimidating than peers

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How Do You Know?

Jenifer has a Masters Degree in Education and grew up with a family of teachers. Jenifer has spent countless hours studying the effects of utilizing dogs as an educational “tool”.

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E.E.T.D. Training Requirements

Dogs are GREAT listeners and provide an inviting and motivating environment!

When children study with dogs they are just excited about learning. Children often talk about it all the time and will practice at a particular assignment or skill to “wow” the dog. It is interesting that the excitement and enthusiasm carries over even when the dog isn't there.”

- Christine Glazier / 3rd Grade Teacher Canyon Springs Elementary

$80 Training Program Workbook plus a Class Training Card (10 session $100), must be available to meet once a week (by appointment) to review homework and training log.

Training Concepts: Properly Providing Praise & Your Dog ALWAYS gets a Choice & Reinforcements and Rewards

Skills taught in EETD Training Program:

  • Every Education Enrichment Therapy Dog is required to meet the public access standard set by Assistance Dogs International (ADI).
  • Each EETD will have a list of specific behaviors to perform on queue. A few of these behaviors include relax, encourage, comfort, and celebrate. By training these behaviors to a command the handler can queue the dog to participate in the learning experience with the student.
  • All EETD’s are required by the Faithful Friends program to maintain a training log and complete a minimum of 50 hours of guided training in a public setting. This ensures that the dog will be comfortable in various situations and adapt to new surroundings quickly.

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